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Royal honour for ICUsteps

by Default admin account on 14-Jun-17 23:28
Last December, we were delighted to learn that ICUsteps Milton Keynes support group had been nominated for an award and in January were visited by Lady Howe to meet volunteers from ICUsteps and patients and relatives who've been helped by our charity.

DoH consultation disappointment

by Default admin account on 24-Oct-17 08:39
ICUsteps would like to reinforce the disappointment expressed by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine in the recommendations in the recent consultation document on the Regulation of Medical Associate Professions in the UK.

International eye

by Default admin account on 14-Jun-17 23:27
Even though our work is UK focused, this has not stopped us having an international impact. There is nothing equivalent to ICUsteps throughout the world, and we therefore have had increasing interest from healthcare professionals outside the UK. They particularly want to know more about the impact and consequences of critical illness, the issues that patients commonly face and the innovations and work that ICUsteps have been involved with in improving and highlighting the need for patient support and rehabilitation after critical care.

Inaugural ICUsteps Congress

by Default admin account on 14-Jun-17 23:15
After 18 months in the making, the inaugural ICUsteps Congress was held on April 1st in Milton Keynes, where our organisation began in 2005. We were delighted at the response with over 50 delegates attending from across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Sepsis book

by Default admin account on 18-Dec-16 16:23
Idelette Nutma-Bade is a former nurse from the Netherlands who had first-hand experience of the devastating effects of sepsis when she had the illness in 2007.  She and her family desperately needed information to explain sepsis and how to recover physically and emotionally, but they found  there was very little available.  She decided to write a book to fill this gap, and has recently (September 2016) published 'Sepsis and Afterwards'.

New look patient information guide

by Default admin account on 14-Jun-17 23:19
While 'Visiting the Intensive Care Unit' is the new kid on the block, it has a lot of work to do to match the distribution of our adult booklet 'Intensive Care: a guide for patients and relatives', which has seen a staggering 180,000 copies given to patients and relatives since we launched it nine years ago. We decided that it was time to give it a new look, and we are pleased to share with you the new design. We have focused on making the new design as user friendly as possible, ensuring that it is clear and easy to read, and we feel sure that with this updated look, the booklet will continue to go from strength to strength.

Children's activity book

by Default admin account on 26-Sep-16 19:32
When ICU admission is unexpected, there is no time to prepare for what is happening. There is often an uncertainty about whether the patient will survive, and in this time of turmoil, it is very hard for families to know how best to support the children.

NICE sepsis guidelines

by Default admin account on 11-Aug-16 14:51
Sepsis is a rare but serious reaction to an infection and it can be a life threatening condition. It is believed that each year 65000 people in the UK survive sepsis (some with long term disabilities from the illness) and a further 37000 people die from it. It is identified as the leading cause of avoidable death in the UK, killing more people than breast, bowel and prostate cancer combined

Children’s book success

by Default admin account on 14-Jun-17 23:16
We knew there was a need for our new resource 'Visiting the Intensive Care Unit' but we have been thrilled at the positive response to it. We launched the book in September 2016 and we have already had 300 orders for over 5500 booklets. It has also received worldwide interest and we have given permission for it to be translated into German and Danish.

NICE Delirium quality standard

by Default admin account on 23-Mar-10 21:29
NICE have published a Delirium quality standard consisting of 5 statements that describe high quality care for adults with delirium and set out the quality of care patients should receive. ICUsteps, along with the British Geriatrics Society and the College of Emergency Medicine, is proud to endorse this quality standard.

NCEPOD Sepsis report

by Default admin account on 01-Feb-16 12:27
The much anticipated findings of the NCEPOD Sepsis report were published on 24th November, 2015. Sepsis occurs when the body is overwhelmed by an infection and it is believed that there could be 200 000 cases in the UK each year. It is also the leading cause of avoidable death in this country, killing more people than breast, bowel and prostate cancer combined. Sepsis can progress very quickly, and it is vital that patients receive timely and appropriate medical care.

ICUsteps Dublin

by Default admin account on 20-Dec-14 10:15
The first ICUsteps support group outside the United Kingdom will open its doors on the 11th March 2015 with the formation of ICUsteps Dublin. This amazing milestone is the culmination of years of dedication from Barbara Egan. Barbara survived pneumonia and sepsis in month long battle with critical illness in 2005.

Patient Perception of ICU Nursing

by Default admin account on 22-Oct-14 21:58
This grounded theory research into the patient’s perception of the nursing contribution to the patient’s experience of intensive care aimed to provide critical care nurses with evidence, which articulates their contribution to the patient’s experience of intensive care. The research also identified aspects of nursing care patients considered helpful and those less helpful to their entire critical care experience.

NICE intravenous fluid therapy quality standard

by Default admin account on 19-Aug-14 22:28
NICE have published an Intravenous fluid therapy quality standard with the aims of reducing harm to patients from mistakes with intravenous fluid therapy, improving patient experience, improving the reporting of mistakes and reducing the length of hospital stay

Next Steps - Issue 7

by Default admin account on 25-Oct-15 10:46
  • ICUsteps patient diary app
  • New research into muscle wasting in critical illness
  • NCEPOD Sepsis enquiry findings soon to be available
  • ICUsteps making a difference
  • From Milton Keynes to Denmark…sharing the benefits of patient support
  • Making a splash!
  • Conference round up
  • Research update

Next Steps - Issue 6

by Default admin account on 21-Apr-15 22:13
  • Critical care performs strongly in Care Quality Commission inspections
  • Guidelines for the Provision of Intensive Care Services launched
  • Patient support now available in Ireland
  • NHS England - CRG public consultation
  • ‘Sepsis Unplugged’ Conference 2015
  • ICUsteps patient information goes global…

Next Steps - Issue 5

by Default admin account on 25-Oct-14 14:53
  • Help improve care for patients with delirium
  • ICU patient diaries - how they help
  • Patient research priorities published
  • Free ICUsteps relatives poster
  • Have you given discharge summaries to your patients?
  • Patient Perception of ICU Nursing Research
  • How ICUsteps can help intensive care research
  • Patient information success

Next Steps - Issue 4

by Default admin account on 12-Jul-14 16:38
  • ICUsteps Conference 2013
  • Brain injury supplement to our intensive care guide
  • Help us to help your patients’ relatives…it’s as easy as putting up a poster!
  • Intensive care information milestone
  • ‘Intensive care: a guide for patients and relatives’ translations
  • ICU patient diary network
  • Information for children