Children's activity book cover

We're delighted to introduce our new resource to help families - an information and activity book designed especially for children with a relative in ICU, and an information sheet for their parents and carers.

When ICU admission is unexpected, there is no time to prepare for what is happening. There is often an uncertainty about whether the patient will survive, and in this time of turmoil, it is very hard for families to know how best to support the children.

Catherine White, ICUsteps' Information Manager who put together this resource, said:

My son was three years old when I was critically ill. It is a tribute to my family that in all the uncertainty and distress, they kept his needs and emotional wellbeing centre stage – to this day, I don’t know how they managed to do that, but I do know how hard it was for them. I wanted to give other families a helping hand – to do the thinking and preparation on their behalf, so when in that situation, there are ready made resources to help them support their children.

Thank you to all the people who assisted in the development of this book, especially Karen Dearden of the West Yorkshire Adult Critical Care Operational Delivery Network, who gave me the idea by showing me their resource for children; Dr. Stephen Brett for arranging a photograph of an ICU bed and Roger Warham and Cathy Hughes, our wonderful designer and illustrator team who made this book come to life.

The book comes with a pack of colouring pencils, so children can work on the activities and colouring in the waiting room if they want to. ICUsteps will be providing free copies of this book to all UK ICUs, with sample copies being sent out at the beginning of October 2016 but you can place an order online now.

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