Idelette Nutma-Bade is a former nurse from the Netherlands who had first-hand experience of the devastating effects of sepsis when she had the illness in 2007.  She and her family desperately needed information to explain sepsis and how to recover physically and emotionally, but they found  there was very little available.  She decided to write a book to fill this gap, and has recently (September 2016) published 'Sepsis and Afterwards'. 

Idelette explains:

'I wanted to spare others the tiring quest for information and enhance awareness about the early signs and impact of the illness. Furthermore I hope to build a bridge between professionals, and patients and relatives, in exchanging and sharing knowledge, joining our forces in reducing the after effects of sepsis and improving aftercare’.

Her book is for patients and their families, and explains sepsis in detail, early recovery, longer term physical and emotional recovery and the effect the illness can have on families and relationships.  It gives practical tips for what might help during this time, but it also wants to offer eye openers to professionals.

Idelette has also set up a website called Sepsis and Afterwards which provides education and counselling.  The website is in Dutch but has a special English page and various English videos. It also provides an overview of the contents of the book.

To buy the book, or for more information, please visit Idelette's website or get in touch using the contact form.