Medical professionals working in critical care do a lot of research to help improve outcomes for both patients and relatives. In recent years patient and public involvement in health care has become much more common and this extends into the area of research as well.

Can you help?

If you've been involved with intensive care, either as a patient or a relative, you may be able to help.

When we're contacted by medical staff seeking opinions from people who've been on the receiving end of critical care we'd like to make sure we can offer as wide a perspective as possible and give the most representative response we can.

If you're happy to help us with this, please contact us and we'll add you to our list of people to contact when we get research enquiries.

What's involved?

It depends entirely on what we're asked to help with as to what's involved. Work involved with recent research we've been contacted about with has ranged from:

  • attending meetings with researchers,
  • filling in online questionnaires and
  • being asked to give opinions on the topics which mattered most to patients and relatives.

The work undertaken by researchers is crucial in improving the care given to others going through a period of critical illness and your own experiences can help. By contacting us, you're under no obligation to help with anything you'd rather not and you're free to ask us to remove you from our list of contacts at any time.

Your help is important and greatly appreciated.

Featured event: UK Critical Care Research Forum 23-24 June 2016, Gateshead

Are you interested in how new research studies are designed and developed? The UK Critical Care Research Forum is taking place on 23-24 June at the Sage Conference Centre in Gateshead. Members and supporters of ICUsteps will be very welcome to attend, listen and contribute to the discussions around new research studies in intensive care. With over 20 speakers presenting over the two days, and a Forum dinner on the Thursday night, the meeting promises to be an interesting and informative couple of days. For more information, visit their website.