ICU recruitment advert

Zoe van Willigen is a Physiotherapist in Critical Care at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Her study aims to explore patients’ and relatives’ experiences of ICU rehabilitation (being mobilised out of bed and doing exercises). She would like to use this information to improve treatment for future patients.

Studies suggest that early rehabilitation on ICU can reduce length of ICU and hospital stay. Some studies also suggest that it can improve what a patient is able to do physically once they leave ICU. But there are currently no studies looking at patients’ and their families’ experiences of rehabilitation on ICU.

Zoe feels that it is important for healthcare staff to know what this experience is like, to be able to put patients and their families first.

Can you help?

If you’d like to know more, you can read the participant information sheet, and to take part in the study, email Zoe.

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