Understanding what has happened and what lies ahead is key to recovery

Without quality information about what has happened and what to expect, a hard journey becomes even harder.

Information for patients and relatives

Going through critical illness and recovery is difficult for both patients and their relatives and will be unlike anything we've experienced before. Not knowing what's normal and what might lie ahead in the journey makes coping with things that much harder, which is why honest, accurate, patient-centered information is fundamental to the work of ICUsteps.

Only people who've been through it really know what matters to patients and relatives in the position we were in. This understanding is what drives us to produce a range of information resources that can help patients and relatives make sense of what has happened and cope with the road ahead.

Can you help us improve?

We're always looking to improve the information we can make available. If you can help us, we'd love to hear from you. Whether it's helping with a new translation, suggesting a new information sheet, or sharing your own experience of critical illness, please get in touch with us.