We understand because we've been where you are

Patients and their families need support to deal with surviving critical illness and the long road to recovery

Peer support in recovery and rehabilitation

The trauma of surviving critical illness is something that you only understand when you experience it first-hand. No one can prepare you for the issues that many ICU patients face through their treatment and recovery journey. Dealing with the physical, psychological and cognitive issues that can result from the severity of illness, the treatments themselves, and the realisation of how close we came to dying.

Although information about intensive care and the recovery journey is a great help, one of the biggest issues we face in our recovery is the sense of isolation from anyone who actually understands what we've been through, and this isolation just makes recovery harder. Being able to talk with other people who've had similar experiences can go a long way to help us come to terms with our own experiences and, in time, even provide support to others and turn our negative healthcare experience into a positive.

Support options

Online support community

Our online community is a place where anyone who's been affected by critical illness can get together, ask questions, get answers and have things explained - all from the safety and comfort of your own home. With over 500 active members, it's a vibrant community of people who'll understand what you've been through.

Local support groups

Patient support groups have been the cornerstone of ICUsteps since 2005. Our network of local groups meet regularly at over 20 locations across the UK and Ireland providing support and understanding over a cup of tea and a biscuit.