Supporting professionals to help patients recover, not just survive.

Our work with information, support, and research helps ICU professionals improve the patient journey through recovery and rehabilitation.

For healthcare professionals

Survivors of critical illness often say they owe a debt of gratitude to intensive care staff that they can never fully repay. As former-ICU patients and relatives working in partnership with intensive care professionals, we're trying to help repay that debt by supporting healthcare professionals in their extraordinary work.

We understand only too well the extraordinary work you do. We help healthcare professionals by providing resources to help you make the journey easier for your patients and relatives, by supporting researchers create patient-centered research with better PPI and by helping you improve the patient experience of critical illness through innovations like support groups or patient diaries.

Working together we can highlight the need for support and rehabilitation and aim to spread and enhance best practice to improve the critical care experience for everyone.

Where we can help

Patient information resources

Order printed copies of our publications for your hospital, or view and download our large array of topic information sheets and translated patient information booklets.

Supporting research

Good research needs good patient and public involvement (PPI). We can help improve patient and public involvement with research in a number of ways.