Support groups

Recovery from critical illness doesn't end on discharge from hospital, let alone when the patient leaves intensive care. Once discharged to a general ward, patients are isolated from others like them and are often unaware that the distressing and bizarre experiences they've endured are actually normal for someone who's been through a period of critical illness. Meeting others who've been through similar experiences and are at different stages in their recovery can help reassure patients that there is light at the end of the tunnel and dispel much of their worry.

Visit our support groups page to see what patients who've been to our drop-ins say about the difference it makes.


With patient and public involvement being an established part of healthcare and increasingly a requirement for research projects this is something we're in a unique position to help provide a patient perspective to your research project. Find out more on our research page.

Upcoming events

BACCN Annual Conference 2017

3-5 September, Park Plaza, Riverbank, London

Due to the overwhelming success that was the 30th Anniversary, we’ve decided to yet again return to the City of London, for the 32nd Annual BACCN Conference, taking place on the 4-5th September 2017. Titled "Building Interprofessional Teams to Enhance Safer Critical Care", we will be presenting a packed schedule of seminars, keynotes, sim labs and workshops. For more information or to book your place, visit the BACCN Conference website.

RCN Critical Care Workshop 2017 - 21 October 2017

Royal College of Nursing, 20 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0RN

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Information for patients

When you go through such a traumatic experience as critical illness, either as a patient or as a relative, information helps take away some of the fear of the unknown. Our comprehensive booklet 'Intensive Care: A guide for patients and relatives' covers admission through to rehabilitation, with over 45,000 copies shipped in the past two years.

Boxes of 250 booklets are available for just £88 including delivery. From as little as 32p per booklet, this represents one of the more cost-effective interventions in critical care. They also help meet NICE's recommendations on the provision of patient information for the critically ill. Find out more and order your booklets online now.

Patient information in other languages

To make this crucial information more widely available, it's been translated into other languages. Like the print-friendly version these are available for free download here in PDF format.