• Royal Honour
    Royal Honour for ICUsteps Milton Keynes
    ICUsteps Milton Keynes is delighted to have received the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service... Read more
  • Children's book
    Children's book success
    We knew there was a need for our new resource 'Visiting the Intensive Care Unit' but we have been thrilled at the positive response to it... Read more
  • ICUsteps Congress
    Inaugural ICUsteps Congress
    The inaugural ICUsteps Congress was held on April 1st in Milton Keynes, where our organisation began in 2005... Read more
  • International eye
    International eye
    Even though our work is UK focused, this hasn't stopped us having an international impact. There is nothing equivalent to ICUsteps elsewhere in the world... Read more

ICUsteps was founded in 2005 by ex-patients, their relatives and ICU staff to support patients and their families through the long road to recovery from critical illness.

Our aims are to:

  • support patients and relatives affected by critical illness,
  • promote recognition of the physical and psychological consequences of critical illness through education of the medical profession and the general public, and
  • encourage research into treatment and the prevention of these issues.

ICUsteps is the United Kingdom's only support group for people who have been affected by critical illness and has helped many former patients, their relatives and medical staff from organisations around the world.


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Fundraising is a key part of every charity's work. ICUsteps is run entirely by volunteers so all the money we raise goes straight to helping meet our goals of supporting patients and relatives, highlighting the problems they can face following a period of critical illness and helping medical staff improve the treatment and support given both during and following a critical illness.

Help our research

As part of our work in trying to improve aftercare following critical illness we're gathering contact details of former patients and relatives who would be willing to help with research. We're often contacted by medical professionals who want to include the patient perspective in their research and having a group of ex-patients we can contact when we receive requests for help is very valuable.

If you have been affected by critical illness, either as a patient or relative, please help us by looking at our research page and contact us if you're able to help.

Current research

Medical training video

We're currently producing a medical training video to educate medical professionals on the impact and consequences on patients and relatives of intensive care. Watch the trailer here and contact us to be updated when the finished video is launched.

Latest posts on the ICUsteps community

Latest posts on the ICUsteps community