Critical care may save our lives, but we need support and rehabilitation to give those lives back to us

We know first-hand that #RehabIsCritical. That’s why in 2021 we launched our Rehab Campaign, which included the establishment of an annual ICU Rehabilitation Day.

For ICU Rehabilitation Day 2022, our focus is also on information provision and its key role in helping patients and relatives during ICU and their recovery.

Join us on 21 July 2023 for #ICURehabDay23 and help us celebrate the multi-disciplinary teams working with ICU patients across the country. Join the celebrations by posting a photo of your team using #ICURehabDay23 on 21 July 2023.

We know that a picture can speak a thousand words, we're delighted to have partnered with Zara Slattery, former ICU patient and the author of Coma, to show why we need help to thrive, not just survive, after critical illness through her fabulous original illustrations.

ICU Granite by Zara Slattery
ICU Granite by Zara Slattery

We are proud to be members of:

  • the National Post-Intensive Care Rehabilitation Collaborative, hosted by the Intensive Care Society, and
  • the Community Rehabilitation Alliance, co-chaired by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. The CRA is an alliance of over 50 charities and professional bodies who are all committed to improving commissioning, planning and delivery of rehabilitation.

Our Rehab Campaign is supported by: