Research for professionals

Having been involved with the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on their clinical guidelines CG50 and CG83 we're very much aware of the need for research relating to critical care to help patients both during and after their critical illness.

With patient and public involvement being an established part of healthcare and increasingly a requirement for research projects this is something we're in a unique position to help with as the United Kingdom's only patient-led intensive care support charity.

We've helped a number of research projects by adding a patient perspective to proposals as well as working with the James Lind Alliance in identifying research topics that matter most to patients.

While we'd like to support all critical care researchers asking for our assistance, due to resources and ethical considerations when working with former critical care patients we're only able to support research by healthcare professionals and post-graduate students at this time. If your research fits with this criteria, please contact us as early as possible with your proposal so we may discuss how we might be able to help, and provide advice and insight.

How can we help?

Public and patient involvement (PPI) is an essential part of ensuring good quality research. If you would like help with your research, please download the application form, fill it in and send it back to us. We'll respond as soon as we can but please allow up to six weeks to ensure adequate time for us to process your request.

Plain English, please

We are often asked to advise on Plain English research summaries, and find ourselves making similar points about how to improve them. So to help make these summaries a little less painful, please read our guide to writing a successful summary.