Share your expertise

As healthcare professionals, we know just how much you already do and how dedicated you are. But we also know that you have an insatiable appetite to help, and to make things better for your patients. So how can you use your expertise to help?

Help with the community

Our ever growing community could benefit greatly from your experience and training. Peer support is a great help in many situations, but in some the voice of a healthcare professional can add great value to a discussion and bring huge ressurance to those trying to cope with their survival.

Visit our community page.

Translate a copy of the guide

Our intensive care guide has already been translated into many languages, but not every language. Critical illness is hard enough at the best of times, but if you have no information or understanding can be terrifying. If you can add a language to our translations, it can make a world of difference to those who can read it.

View our translations and if you can add to the list, please get in touch.

Start a support group

Support groups need to be a partnership between healthcare professionals and ICU survivors. If you work in critical care and would like to know more about setting up a support group in your area, view the Nursing in Critical Care article by ICUsteps trustees Mo Peskett and Peter Gibb on Developing and setting up a patient and relatives intensive care support group.

If you're looking to start putting a group together or want to find out more, please contact us.