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ICUsteps statement

As survivors of critical illness, relatives of ICU survivors and critical care professionals, everyone at ICUsteps has a profound understanding of the journey ahead for those who will be hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. Our thoughts are with all of them, and those who will be fighting to help them through it.

In addition however, our thoughts and concerns are also with others being treated in critical care for other reasons and also those who are on their road to recovery from critical illness who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19.

ICUsteps stands behind NHS efforts to manage and cope with the virus. In these worrying and uncertain times, we urge those looking for information to rely on credible sources of information only.

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National Bereavement Partnership

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Supporting each other through loss and bereavement

Sadly many people are experiencing loss and bereavement right now, in uncertain and unprecedented circumstances. The British Psychological Society have produced an advice booklet on supporting each other through the grieving process during the Covid-19 pandemic...Read more

ICU Survivorship after COVID-19

The crisis of COVID-19 have seen follow-up, outreach and rehabilitation teams having to work on the ICU rather than seeing patients during their recovery on the wards. This means that many ICU survivors return home without any effective support...Read more

A Silent Epidemic

Delirium appears to be very common in COVID-19, with one-third of hospitalised COVID-19 patients of all ages and two-thirds of those with severe disease, showing signs of delirium...Read more

COVID-19 in Older People: A Rapid Clinical Review

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a high risk to older people. The aim of this paper is to provide a rapid overview of the COVID-19 literature, with a specific focus on older adults. There is an overview of the disease and also the article evaluates the inclusion of older people within forthcoming clinical trials...Read more

Are we under-diagnosing COVID-19 in older people?

Is Covid-19 under-diagnosed in older people? 40% of all Covid-19 cases have no radiographic abnormalities on presentation. Also older adults with the virus often do not mount a temperature and many do not manifest breathing difficulty even in the face of low oxygen levels...Read more

Nursing Times Coronavirus clinical zone

The Nursing Times has built a free access coronavirus clinical zone that collates articles relevant to care for patients with Covid-19. Topics include PPE, infection prevention and control, respiratory care, nutrition, meds management, and a range of national clinical guidance...Read more

ICU patient information resources

Given the additional risk to those recovering from critical care at this difficult time, ICUsteps recommends that support group events be suspended for the time-being to minimise potential exposure to the virus. We urge those seeking support to use our HealthUnlocked online community.

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